安装HoRNDIS 时遇到安装失败问题



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mac系统11.1 安装HoRNDIS遇到问题,请问这个问题大家遇到过吗?如何解决的?


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I come back with good news: I finally made it work ! Thank a lot to Prophetia086 and to others tips I collected here, here and there to make it work. Here is my path :

First, we need to get the developer ID and check whether that extension has been notarized. One easy way to do this is to type most of the command
• spctl -a -vv -t install
then drag and drop the extension from your Downloads folder to the end of that line, where its path and name should appear, e.g. /Users/Downloads/Horndis.kext
Then press Return, and you should see three lines of response:
• mykext.kext: accepted
• source=Developer ID
• origin=Developer ID Application: DeveloperName (54GTJ2AU36)
If the extension is notarized already, they will instead look like
• mykext.kext: accepted
• source=Notarized Developer ID
• origin=Developer ID Application: DeveloperName (54GTJ2AU36)
Make a note on paper or your iOS device of the developer ID provided in parentheses, as you’ll need those in a few moments.

Close your apps down and restart your Mac in Recovery mode. There, open Terminal and type in the command
• csrutil disable
• /usr/sbin/spctl kext-consent list
If 54GTJ2AU36 is not in the list, enter
• /usr/sbin/spctl kext-consent add 54GTJ2AU36.
Press Return, wait for the command prompt to appear again, then quit Terminal and restart in normal mode.

Remove Allow permission you provided earlier to Horndis (54GTJ2AU36). This is important to let your OS accept the device again. Follow these steps carefully:
• sudo su
(enter your password if prompted), then enter these four lines by sequence:
• sqlite3 /var/db/SystemPolicyConfiguration/KextPolicy
• delete from kext_load_history_v3 where team_id='54GTJ2AU36';
• delete from kext_policy where team_id='54GTJ2AU36';
• .quit

Manually erase any previous horndis.kext remained in library/extensions (just to be sure). Install Horndis 9.2 Catalina Install pkg). Now you will be prompt to Allow this driver in System Preferences -> Security & Privacy.

Restart in recovery mode to enable csrutil
• csrutil enable

Restart in normal mode and enjoy it working (at least, for me it did work)

I am so happy I hope this walkthrough will help others people with the same issue on Big Sur. Yes, I almost forgot : I upgraded to Big Sur 11.1 before doing this whole process. It may have be helping.


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