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Toybrick EN Wiki TB-RK3399ProD Bluetooth User Guide
Bluetooth User Guide

1. Check the bluetooth information

sudo bluetoothctl show

It will display below information, the 20:32:33:7B:9D:0B is Bluetooth address.


2. Install blueman

Fedora 28

sudo yum install -y bluezsudo yum install -y blueman

Debian 10

sudo apt-get install -y bluezsudo apt-get install -y blueman


3. Running blueman

Open Preferences -> Bluetooth Manager.


4. Search Bluetooth device

Click“Search”to search the bluetooth device.


5. Connect Bluetooth device

Fedora 28

Choose Bluetooth device, right click and selected “Connect”.

Debian 10

Choose Bluetooth device, right click and selected “pair”. After pairing successful right click to select the Bluetooth device,and selected “Trust” to Set the bluetooth device to trusted.


6. After a successful connection, you can send and receive files.

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