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Image Flash

Flash image to EMMC under windows PC

1、Download DriverAssitant ,extract it and install it on a Windows PC;


2、Download, extract it and run AndroidTool.exe as administrator.

3、Extract downloaded image to the directory of AndroidTool_Release_v2.64\images

4、Connect a DC power cord and an HDMI monitor to your RK3399Pro, connect your RK3399Pro to a PC with a Type-C cable. 

5、Click AndroidTool_Release_v2.64\AndroidTool.exe to start the flash tool, right-click to choose “Load Config” ,choose your need system(config_dual or config_linux or config_android).


6、Press and hold the Recovery button and the Power button for at least 1.5 seconds AndroidTools will prompt that “Found One LOADER device” . Click on "Run" to download image to eMMC. A while later after the image is flashed successfully your board will be rebooted automatically.


Flash image to EMMC under Linux

1、Download the image and extract it to the directory of linuxTool-v1.0/images.

2、connect your RK3399Pro to a PC with a Type-C cable. Press and hold the Recovery button and the Power button for at least 1.5 seconds,enter LOADER mode.

Note:When TB-RK3399ProD with Linux system it also can be used as a development host to flash image for other development board.

3、Run the following commands flash dual system.

sudo ./ -d all
sudo ./ -d uboot
sudo ./ -d system
sudo ./ -d boot
sudo ./ -d rootfs

4、Run the following commands flash Linux system.

sudo ./ -l all
sudo ./ -l uboot
sudo ./ -l boot
sudo ./ -l rootfs

5、Run the following commands flash Andriod system.

sudo ./ -a all
sudo ./ -a uboot
sudo ./ -a boot
sudo ./ -a system


sudo ./ --help

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