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Android Application Development

Pre-install APK


The application pre-install function in Android, is mainly about prefabrication of prepared 3rd party application into Android system while configure products according to manufacturer’s requirement.

The pre-installation can be divided:

l  Install application that can not be uninstalled

l  Install applicatioin that can be uninstalled forever

l  After uninstall and restore factory setting auto-recovered application

Start Using Function Explanation

Configuration and Usage

1. cd device/rockchip/rk3399pro there are three folders, they are:

correspond to several kinds in overview respectively. Please put applications which are needed to be pre-configurated into corresponding folder. Pay attention to that for apk filename you should use English as much as possible, and blank space should also be avoided.

2. After make, it will generated corresponding folder in $OUT/oem content
Still correspond to several kinds in overview.

Compiling Result
After compiling, configuration file will be outputted into oem partition$OUT/oem/), after increasing please make sure that oem.img and boot.img are burned to make them validated、misc.img.

Customize on-off Ringtone 

1. Change file device/rockchip/common/  BOOT_SHUTDOWN_ANIMATION_RINGING := false,to BOOT_SHUTDOWN_ANIMATION_RINGING := true,to open the function that packaging files into firmware when compiling

2. File Path

Start from Android 7.0,animation and ringtone combined。
Copy boot animation (and ringtone) to:device/rockchip/common/bootshutdown/ (PC source code path)
Copy shutdown animation (and ringtone) to:device/rockchip/common/bootshutdown/ (PC source code path)

3. Compiling Android Engineering

Ringtone will be outputted into oem partition$OUT/oem/media/), after increasing please make sure  burn oem.img and boot.img  to make them validate

4. File Explanation

Startup ringtone must be music file in wav format.
Shutdown ringtone must be music file in wav or ogg format.
Saving path of boot animation(ringtone) in devices:/oem/media/
Saving path of shutdown animation(ringtone) in devices:/oem/media/
Making method of animatioin:

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