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Sreial Port Debugging

SecureCRT serial port debugging tool

Connect TB-96AI RK3399Pro board debug port(mirco USB port)to the host USB port,and open the device manager to gets the Port number of the USB Serial Port.


Notice:If the device manager displays the driver exception information, please select update the driver information.

Open “SecureCRT” serial debugging tool, click“Quick Connect”


Configure serial port: choose the port which TB-96AI RK3399Pro board connected, set the baud rate to 1500000, and don’t choose RTS/CTS, as shown below.


Minicom serial port debugging tool

1、Connect TB-96AI RK3399Pro board debug port(mirco USB port)to the host USB port.

2、Open minicom with root authority: sudo minicom -s

3、Open the Minicom menu:input CTRL-A + z

4、Enter the Minicom configuration interface:input“O” and choose“configure Minicom”。

5、Enter serial port setup:choose“Serial port setup”。

6、Setup serial port device:input“A”,write in“/dev/ttyUSB0”,press enter to comfirm.

7Hardware Flow Control:input“F”,press enter to comfirm.

8、Setup baud rate:input“E”,then input“A”untill display“Current 1500000 8N1”,press enter to comfirm.

9、Save settings:choose"Save setup as dfl"


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