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Rock-X SDK is a set of AI components based on the RK3399Pro platform. Developers can quickly build AI applications through the API interface provided by SDK. The functions provided by the SDK are as follows:

Object DetectionHead Detection / 91 Classes Object Detection
FaceFace Landmark / Face Analyze / Face Recognition
CarPlateCarPlate Detectin / Carplate Recognition
Human KeypointBody Keypoint / Finger Keypoint

System dependent introduction

On the RK3399Pro platform, the libraries and applications provided by the SDK require RKNN driver version 0.9.6. When running Demo in Android/Linux , you can see the following driver information through log information:

==============================================RKNNVERSION:   API: 0.9.5 (a949908 build: 2019-05-0722:20:52)   DRV: 0.9.6 (c12de8a build: 2019-05-0620:10:17)==============================================

Make sure the DRV version is 0.9.6

API introduction

More detail please refer to:

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