RockX  1.0.0
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Rock-X SDK is a set of AI components based on the RK3399Pro/RK1808 platform. Developers can quickly build AI applications through the API interface provided by SDK. The functions provided by the SDK are as follows:

Classes Functions
Object Detection Head Detection / 91 Classes Object Detection
Face Face Landmark / Face Analyze / Face Recognition
CarPlate CarPlate Detectin / Carplate Recognition
Human Keypoint Body Keypoint / Finger Keypoint



Developers can refer to the following example to import the library of RockX sdk in CMakeLists.txt

# Find RockX Package
set(RockX_DIR <path-to-rockx-sdk>/sdk/rockx-rk3399pro-Android)
find_package(RockX REQUIRED)
# Include RockX Header
# Link RockX Libraries
target_link_libraries(target_name ${RockX_LIBS})


Rock-X modules are initialized by the rockx_create function, and different modules are initialized by passing in different rockx_module_t enumeration values. The sample code is as follows:

rockx_handle_t face_det_handle;
ret = rockx_create(&face_det_handle,
nullptr, 0);
if (ret != ROCKX_RET_SUCCESS) {
printf("init rockx module error %d\n", ret);

If you don't need to use this module, you can release the handle by calling the rockx_destroy function. The sample code is as follows:



All module interfaces provided by the Rock-X SDK are as follows:

Functions The Value of rockx_module_t Used on creating Description Define At
rockx_object_detect ROCKX_MODULE_OBJECT_DETECTION 91 Classes Object Detection object_detection.h
rockx_head_detect ROCKX_MODULE_HEAD_DETECTION Head Detection object_detection.h
rockx_face_detect ROCKX_MODULE_FACE_DETECTION Face Detection face.h
rockx_face_landmark ROCKX_MODULE_FACE_LANDMARK_68 / ROCKX_MODULE_FACE_LANDMARK_5 Face KeyPoint Landmark face.h
rockx_face_pose Face Angle face.h
rockx_face_align ROCKX_MODULE_FACE_LANDMARK_5 Face Align face.h
rockx_face_recognize ROCKX_MODULE_FACE_RECOGNIZE Face Recognition face.h
rockx_face_feature_similarity Compare Two Face Feature face.h
rockx_face_attribute ROCKX_MODULE_FACE_ANALYZE Face Attribute Analyze face.h
rockx_carplate_detect ROCKX_MODULE_CARPLATE_DETECTION CarPlate Detection carplate.h
rockx_carplate_recognize ROCKX_MODULE_CARPLATE_RECOG CarPlate Recognition carplate.h
rockx_carplate_align ROCKX_MODULE_CARPLATE_ALIGN Carplate Align carplate.h
rockx_pose_body ROCKX_MODULE_POSE_BODY Human Body Keypoint pose.h
rockx_pose_finger ROCKX_MODULE_POSE_FINGER_3 / ROCKX_MODULE_POSE_FINGER_21 Human Finger Keypoint pose.h
rockx_object_track Track Detection Object object_track.h
Face Detection.
Definition: rockx.h:115
Return Value of RockX functions.
Definition: rockx_type.h:36
Definition: rockx_type.h:37
rockx_ret_t rockx_create(rockx_handle_t *handle, rockx_module_t m, void *config, size_t config_size)
void * rockx_handle_t
Handle of a created RockX module.
Definition: rockx_type.h:26
rockx_ret_t rockx_destroy(rockx_handle_t handle)