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This website aims to share knowledge efficiently -- what you see is what you get.

Let all of toybrick boards' user can start to develop, evaluate and commericialize with toybrick series development board quickly.

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Getting Start

Getting Start aims to let toybrick users get start quickly, it shows how to flash images, how to debug on toybrick boards.

Getting Start include the following parts:

  • Flash images: shows how to flash firmware/images on windows, linux and mac PC. And also provide the flash tools' download link.

  • Startup: provide boot related guide, which include system partitions, rootfs package and user/password, and so on.

  • Debug: show how open serial, configure serial port parameters and view debug information.

Software Development

Software Development provide the guides of software development.

Software Development include the following parts:

  • U-Boot: shows how to modify, debug and compile u-boot.
  • Kernel: shows how to modify menuconfig and kernel device tree table, add a driver and compile kernel firmware/images.
  • Linux: show how to use and develop a linux application. The last release linux operation system is DEBIAN10.
  • Android: how to use and develop an android application. The last release android operation system is ANDROID8.1.
  • AI Development: show how to develop a AI application based on RKNN, which include model training, model transformation and AI depoloment, and so on.

Board Guide

Board Guide mainly introduces the specifcation parameters, interface description and board related system configuration of toybrick series development board.

The released development boards include:

  • TB-RK3399ProD: TB-RK3399ProDis a high performance AI development board based on RK3399Pro CPU.
  • TB-RK3399ProX: TB-RK3399ProX is an upgrade of ProD Board, which adopts core board and main board architecture.
  • TB-RK1808S0: TB-RK1808S0 is a AI compute stick based on RK1808 CPU.
  • TB-RK1808M0: TB-RK1808M0 is a Mini-PCIe interface, industrial AI compute module base on RK1808K CPU.
  • TB-96AI: TB-96AI is a board based on RK3399Pro CPU, which is jointly developed by Rockchip, Linaro and Becky technology.
  • TB-16A-AI: TB-16A-AI is a smart camera development kit based on RK1808 CPU.


Downloades: provide all Toybrick board related documents download link, include: compile tool, flash tool, image, source code, board specification, hardware document, windows driver and so on.

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