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TB-RK1808M0 AI Compute Card Specification

Toybrick TB-RK1808M0 Mini-PCIe Compute Card (hereinafter referred to as compute card) configured with Rockchip RK1808 neural network processor, 1G DDR4 memory and 8G EMMC. With a standard Mini-PCIe interface, compute card support USB3.0 and mini-PCIe transfer mode by DIP switch, if equipped with RK accessory, the following two modes can be realized:

  • Add-in card installed in a mobile platform.

  • Logical Representation of the PCI Express Mini Card.

Compute card also support some custom IO, include GPIO, Uart, USB3.0 OTG, USB2.0 Host, Reset and recovery. With these custom IO, compute card can not only be used as mainboard to control the peripheral hardware, but also be integrated into the artificial intelligence motherboard as a compute module to receive the control signals which come from the host. This greatly expand the IO capacity of the Mini-PCIe compute card and improve the IO performance.

As an artificial intelligence compute card, Mini-PCIe compute card has the characteristics of high performance, low power consumption and standard interface. It can be widely used in various fields of artificial intelligence. With the powerful artificial intelligence computing ability, Mini-PCIe compute card can build the artificial intelligence algorithm on the edge of the network and be easy to upgrade the traditional embedded devices and extend these devices artificial intelligence capability.


  • Industrial-grade design, excellent heat dissipation capability and high performance computing capabilities to meet the needs of various AI terminal products.
  • Complies with the Mini-PCIe interface standard, can be directly inserted into the Mini-PCIe slot of the existing motherboard to expand AI computing capabilities.
  • Pre-installed Debian10 operating system, integrated system software libraries such as RGA, MPP, and RKNN, providing rich application cases.


Technical Specifications
CPU Rockchip RK1808K
CPU Core Dual Cortex-A35,up to 1.4GHz
NPU 3TOPs for INT8/300 GOPs for INT16/100GFLOPs for FP16
Support IN8/INT16/FP16
Support TensorFlow, Caffe, ONNX and Darknet models
VPU 1080p@60fps H.264 Decode
1080p@30fps H.264 Encode
Memory 1GB DDR
Storage 8GB EMMC
System Debian10
Power Input 3.3V/1A
Interface Mini-PCIe
Temperature -40℃~85℃
Size 30mm x 51mm
Color Matte Black
PCB 8-layer board design, gold deposition process


Interface Definition

Compute card follows the standard Mini-PCIe specification and can support two transfer modes by the DIP Switch (as shown in the figure).

  • PCIe x1 mode (Logical Representation of the PCI Express Mini Card): Select the mode if the host's Mini-PCIe slot is based on PCI Express protocol.

The pins assignment of PCIE x1 mode is shown in the figure below:

  • USB3.0 mode (add-in card installed in a mobile platform): Select the mode if the host's Mini-PCIe slot can connect 4G communication module.

The pins assignment of USB3.0 mode is shown in the figure below:


pin num pin net Type Voltage Description
39 VCC3V3_PCIE Power In 3.3V 3.3V Power Supply for MINI-PCIE card
41 VCC3V3_PCIE Power In 3.3V 3.3V Power Supply for MINI-PCIE card
2 VCC3V3_PCIE Power In 3.3V 3.3V Power Supply for MINI-PCIE card
24 VCC3V3_PCIE Power In 3.3V 3.3V Power Supply for MINI-PCIE card
52 VCC3V3_PCIE Power In 3.3V 3.3V Power Supply for MINI-PCIE card
1 PCIE_WAKE_L Out 3.3V PCIE wake
7 PCIE_CLKREQN Out 3.3V PCIE clock require, active Low
22 RESET_PCIE In 3.3V PCIE Reset
30 UART2_RX In 3.3V UART_RX for debug
32 UART2_TX Out 3.3V UART_TX for debug
42 GPIO0_B4 Out 3.3V GPIO, default High
44 GPIO0_B3 Out 3.3V GPIO, default Low
46 GPIO0_B2 Out 3.3V GPIO, default Low
47 ADC2_KEY_IN In 1.8V ADC input, default High, active Low for loader mode
45 RESET_L In 1.8V RK1808 Reset, default High; active Low


  1. pin47 is internal pull up, When the pin is connected to ground, the boot will enter the loader mode. It is recommended to reserve key or pin header for debug.
  2. pin44、pin46 default low, pin42 default high, it is recommended that these three pins connect to the tricolor LEDs to check the status.
  3. pin45 is internal pull up, RK1808 reset function, it is recommended to reserve key.
  4. pin7 is open drain output, default low; Connect as needed, can be suspended.


Mini-PCIe To USB3.0 Board:

Mini-PCEe To PCIE x1 Board:

CON1 and CON2 Pin Definition:

Pin# CON1 CON2

Host and RK1808M0 connection diagrammatic drawing

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