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Make root file system

1.Package the root file system: execute on the TB-RK3399ProD development board

(1) Switch to root:

sudo su

(2) Unload boot_linux partition:

umount /boot

(3) Calculation the size of the root file system(Unit: M)(Assume that the value is: 7312M):

du -m -d 1 /

(4) Package:

tar cvfpJ /rootfs.tar.xz {/bin,/boot,/etc,/home,/lib,/lib64,/media,/opt,/root,/sbin,/usr,/var}

(5) Copy rootfs.tar.xz to the device that make the image:

scp /rootfs.tar.xz

Note:If the development board has enough space, ignore this step and make the root file system directly on the development board.

2.Make root file system: Execute on a linux device, just make sure there is enough storage space.


dd if=/dev/zero of=rootfs.img bs=1M count=8K

Note:rootfs.img size is: 1M * 8K = 8G (Assume that the root file system size calculated in step (3) is 7312M, the storage space is greater than 7312M. In actual operation, please according to the actual root file system size).

2) Create ext4 file system:

sudo mkfs.ext4 rootfs.img

3) Mount rootfs:

sudo mount rootfs.img /mnt

4) Extract rootfs.tar.xz:

sudo tar xvfpJ rootfs.tar.xz -C /mnt

5) Unload rootfs:

sudo umount /mnt

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