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1. Baidu Clound:   (pwd:rknn)
2. Onedrive:
3. Github:
4. pip3 install (<- suggestion in toybrick board)

(Toybrick Only) Create a new config file (it is already exsited in latest debian10):   /etc/pip.conf
  1. [global]
  2. extra-index-url = [url][/url]
  3. trusted-host =
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Depandency install (e.g. debian10):
  1. sudo apt install cmake python3-scipy python3-h5py libprotobuf-dev protobuf-compiler zlib1g-dev libjpeg-dev python3-dev python3-opencv
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Install tensorflow 1.14.0 for debian aarch64 or 1.10.0 for fedora aarch64:
  1. pip3 install --user -U tensorflow==1.14.0
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Install rknn toolkit:

RK3399Pro (Toybrick Only):
  1. pip3 install --user -U rknn
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RK1808 (Computer Strick):
  1. pip3 install --user -U rknn1808
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1. Baidu Cloud:
2. One Drive: https://rockchips-my.sharepoint. ... adYS0zqGrA?e=YxxIzo
3. apt update ; apt install (<- debian10 suggestion)

  1. sudo apt install rknn-rk3399pro
  2. (or)
  3. sudo dnf install rknn-rk3399pro
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rk1808 computer stric:
  1. sudo apt install rknn-rk1808
  2. (or)
  3. sudo dnf install rknn-rk1808
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  1. sudo apt update -y
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Change Logs:

1. fix rknn init time too long issues.
2. support pytorch & mxnet model.
3. support 4 channel model.
4. add loss analysing.
5. add UI for model preview.
6. support setup optimizing level.
7. update hybrid quantization.
(more details please see documents.)

Version Check:

Check correct version before  running rknn:
RKNNAPI:   API: 1.3.0
RKNNAPI:   DRV: 1.3.0 (OR 1.3.1)

Other Versions:

1. Baidu Clound:        
       All Version:   (pwd:rknn)
2. OneDrive: https://rockchips-my.sharepoint. ... 51uOSMgTgw?e=3WU7Tk

1. Baidu Cloud:
2. One Drive: https://rockchips-my.sharepoint. ... QvqhFT5GfQ?e=qFcYok
3. dnf/apt install (<- suggestion)

Older Version:


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